Time for Some Comparisons?

Okay, kids, there’s no denying it: World War Z the film was pretty darn good. I especially liked the way we got the answer to the North Korea question. Your thoughts?


  1. And the bird-like predatory appearance of those zombies! I know some of you purists are taking issue with the rapid pace and quick actions by the undead in the film version, but it sure did work for me . . .

    • I agree Dr. Woods – I loved the teeth chomping zombie – that was waiting at the door for Brad Pitt’s character as he infected himself!

    • I also appreciated the zombies sensitivity to sound. Out of sight out of mind (building walls) did not turn out to be the best idea,

  2. Brooks stated in an interview that “I’m a fanatical patriot, and I love my country enough to admit that one of our national flaws is isolationism.” (http://www.eatmybrains.com/showfeature.php?id=55) It is interesting to look at World War Z and how Brooks viewed the American response as a form of isolationism. We as Americans do have an inflated view of our power and have an overwhelming sense that we cannot fail. Did the book force you to take a look at how you see other cultures and, as was in my case, force you to reexamine your thoughts on the great and invincible Unites States?

  3. I think that was shown in the movie very well, the American’s took it upon themselves to find the source and establish a way to stop the infection.

  4. What did y’all think about the social interactions in the movie when the outbreak occurred, panic and random acts of violence. It’s interesting how we are a society established on the idea of team work and collaboration and yet when all hope is lost chaos occurs. Do rights and responsibilities change during chaos?

  5. In the book the ” Redeker Plan” indicated the obvious that not everyone could be saved, and a plan was devised to save a small population of determined importance. You also saw this some, not to the same extent; although Brad Pit’s character saw it as a death sentence, in the movie when individuals were being escorted off the aircraft carrier and taken to the camps. Question, in this state of chaos and hopelessness why is the right to life left to the responsibility of a select view?

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